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Jason Momoa's Greatest Instagram Moments

Khaleesi's loss, our gain.

13 Of Jason Momoa's Greatest Instagram Moments

It's Jason Momoa's world. We just live in it. Known as Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo and Justice League's Aquaman, he's celebrated across the world for his undeniable charm, humor, acting skills, and of course, unmatched hunkiness. 

While he's recognized for his badass roles, his six million (honestly, there should be more... why aren't there more?) Instagram followers prove he also has major social media game. His posts run the gamut from cuddling with pets to bonding with family to candid workout sessions, and it's a shame that only a chunk of the Internet knows about it.

As tribute to Momoa's 39th birthday, we've collected his best Instagram posts. Believe us: It's one heck of a treasure trove.

1. When he cuddled with wolfdogs

Yup, this is the same man who unflinchingly dumped a pot of molten gold on Viserys's weird little head.

2. When he fanboyed over his stepdaughter

How adorable is it that Zoe Kravitz calls him "papa bear?"

3. When he praised his on-screen wife for slaying. Literally.

No one is a bigger fan of Emilia Clarke than the man behind Khal Drogo. N-O O-N-E.

4. When he addressed his son from the afterlife

"Dear Drogon, wish we would have met." BRB, crying.

5. When he proved his talents go beyond the screen

Add this to his endless list of talents.

6. This cuddle sesh with Superman

This photo deserves a place at The Met.

7. When he struck a pose with his niece

Who knew Aquaman could strut like that?

8. When he shared his passion for rock climbing

This explains why his abs and arms remain rock solid...

9. When he shared his workout regimen

... this, too.

10. When he made beer mustaches with his mom

Momoa is a mama's boy and he's not ashamed.

11. When he got naughty at the Louvre

Can someone please hang this photo next to the Mona Lisa?

12. When he got mushy about his love for the Game of Thrones cast

We're not crying, YOU'RE CRYING.

13. Literally every single time he posts about Clarke

If only they could be husband and wife IRL.

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