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The 'Glee' alum announced her engagement to Zandy Reich on Saturday.
Thanks to new U.K. legislation, the two-year-old is the first female heir in history not to get kicked to the end of the line for the throne simply because a male was born.
We spoke to the actor about 'Westworld's second season, the nature of technology, and the need for more Asian representation on-screen.
"If I had fallen anywhere else I would’ve been perfectly fine," the singer said. "But there was one step that messed everything up."
After an accident that led to 40-50 stitches in the singer's face, Underwood seems to be good as new.
The 38-year-old actress announced the news on Instagram.
The actor rehashed the hilarious story last night on 'The Tonight Show.'
Almost 40 years later, TV's 'Wonder Woman' is getting the respect she deserves.
"I never want to feel as entitled and judgmental as the ones losing their minds in my mentions."
The supermodel even admitted she got a nose job early in her career.
The rising star shared an enthralling tale about Queen Bey in an interview with 'GQ.'
The iconic singer-songwriter also wore a shirt that read, 'We can end gun violence.'
The newly-shaven actor posted a tribute video to his deceased stache on Instagram.
The author also revealed the books she reads when she herself is feeling down.
Harry and Meghan are "determined" to make their marriage work.
'Your light still tickles my nose,' the actress wrote of her longtime love.
Snapchat's stock is down $800 million after the singer called out an offensive ad that made light of her 2009 assault.