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Who Is the Real Star of Justin Bieber's New 'Confident' Music Video?

On Wednesday Justin Bieber unveiled the new music video for "Confident," his collaboration with Chance the Rapper, and it's nothing particularly groundbreaking — just your typical "boy decides girl in stretchy pants is really hot and proceeds to hit on her with terrible lines" plotline. There are choreographed dances and moody glares, and a strange interlude that involves a special brand of tortilla chips (it's unclear whether Justin was paid to feature chips that have been linked — in completely unverified Internet rumors — to stomach ulcers in children, but it doesn't matter: Beliebers have just discovered their new favorite snack!).

Bieber, who may someday star in his own feature film if he can keep himself out of trouble, puts his acting skills to the test in the latest clip. But he has some competiton. There is...

1. Caitlin Flores, the Hottie McBody who catches Justin's attention in a pair of stretchy pants. She also appeared in his "All That Matters" video.

2. Chance the Rapper, who is sideways sometimes.

3. Finally, Justin Bieber's weenie little mustache. It's in full force.

So watch the video above and then tell us — who is the real star of this music video? Spoiler alert: It's the 'stache.

Poll: Who is the real star of Justin Bieber's "Confident" music video?
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