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Channing Tatum Offered a Preview of His 'Magic Mike Live' Show on 'Ellen,' Which Makes Today a Very Good Day

Tatum said he believes in 'equal opportunity objectification for everyone.'

Ellen DeGeneres Got a Preview of Channing Tatum's Live 'Magic Mike' Show

In May, we were thrilled to inform you of "Magic Mike Live," an all-male Las Vegas dance show inspired by hit film Magic Mike XXL courtesy of Channing Tatum. In case there wasn't enough goodness stuffed into that last sentence, the time has now come for us to preview that show, and you won't be disappointed.

On Tuesday's season 17 Ellen premiere, the world got a very special peek of the show the actor has called "the first gentle-ladies' club." The audience even got free tickets. Just one more reason to put a seat at the Ellen show on your bucket list, ladies.

Take a look below.

One tiny piece of bad news: Tatum himself will not be appearing in the show in Vegas. If you haven't heard, he'll be far too busy getting his merman on to partake.

Don't forget to book your tickets to Vegas for the show's March 2017 premiere at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

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