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Charles Barkley Dresses Like Girl for New Weight Watchers Ad

Barkley arrives for LettermanNBA legend Charles Barkley, dressed like a man. (Bauer Griffin)more pics » Charles Barkley (Bauer Griffin) Charles Barkley has had his share of embarrassing moments over the years, most of which revolve around him trying to swing a golf club. But seeing him dressed in drag for a new Weight Watchers ad, we're inclined to say this is the NBA legend's most ridiculous moment yet.

Sir Charles is in the NBA Hall of Fame. Even if you were too young to enjoy him when he played, most sports fan love the guy for his hilarious contribution to TNT's Emmy-winning series Inside the NBA. Or maybe you just saw him trying to play golf on YouTube and think he's some wacky tall guy with a shiny head. Whatever the case, we're confident you'll get a kick out his latest endeavor: starring in a Weight Watchers ad in which he dresses up like a lady.

"If this is what I gotta do to get you to listen, then take a good look," he says. "My eyes are up here, guys." For the record, Weight Watchers has apparently helped him lose over 40 pounds. Of course, we're less interested in weight loss, and far more concerned with this video. Question is: Is it amazing or just completely disturbing? You be the judge.

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