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Charli XCX Hopes to Release Her Sophomore Album This Spring

(Facebook)Earlier this month, Charli XCX cancelled a handful of tour dates in Europe in order to work on her sophomore album, a follow up to her critically lauded debut True Romance. On Monday, the British singer-songwriter took to Facebook to discuss the new music with her fans, noting that the new album could arrive as soon as this spring.

"I want it to be out in March/April of 2014," Charli wrote in response to a fan's question. "That's a rough guess at the moment but that's what I'm aiming for.

"It won't be too much of a departure from True Romance, but it will be more live," Charli promised. "Still pop songs though. Great pop songs. Ones that you can shout to." Asked to describe the sound and feel of the new album in five words, she wrote, "CHERRY. RED. GIRLCORE. RIOT. POP."

We're excited — are you?

Below, check out Charli's cover of "I Want It That Way" for the A.V. Club.

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