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'Glee' Final Season Teaser: Are You Ready to 'Let It Go'?

The gang is back at McKinley High for the show's swan song season.

'Glee' Final Season Teaser: Are You Ready to 'Let It Go'?

Are you ready to let Glee go?

The once unstoppable Fox musical dramedy is set to return for its sixth and final season on Friday, January 9, and the first teaser for the show's swan song has hit the web. As previously reported, everyone has (inexplicably) decided to give up on their dreams and head back to McKinley High. Rachel and Kurt want to reinstate the glee club, Santana and Brittany seem to be coaching the cheerleading team, and Blaine is dancing with the Warblers.

Oh, and of COURSE Lea Michele is singing "Let It Go," because Glee likes nothing better than super obvious ballads you've heard a bajillion times.

Check out the Glee Season 6 teaser below, then hit the comments with your thoughts. Are you excited? Wary? Did you already let the show go, but now you're feeling nostalgic enough to tune into the last batch of episodes? Do tell.

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