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'Extreme Weight Loss' Features One of the Most Shocking Body Transformations Yet

If Tuesday's episode of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss didn't motivate you to ditch the Ben & Jerry's and dust off the kettle bells, nothing will! 

After an invitation to attend a taping of The View in July last year, Kathie and Josh, a mother and son duo from Charlottesville, NC, were surprised by celebrity trainer and host Chris Powell with the opportunity to document their weight loss journey as season four participants. The first hurdle: removing their shirts and stepping on the scale in front of a live studio audience.

Instagram/@realchrispowellWhile this may sound like abuse, it was actually a very touching and inspiring moment as the two embraced their weight (Kathy at 255 lbs and Josh at 345 lbs) and committed to the challenge of shedding some serious pounds on national television.

Instagram/@realchrispowellAside from a toxic codependency, lack of father figure for Josh, and a candy bar binge in Tahiti (yes, they were surprised with a vacation — no, we're not the least bit jealous), the two made losing weight look attainable and, if we can say this without choking on our office stash of potato chips, almost desirable. But then again, who could ever say "no" to Powell's baby blues as he asks you to drop and give him fifty?

Congrats to Kathie and Josh on their successful change in lifestyle! Check out their amazing new looks below.


Instagram/@joshuaz_mortonExtreme Weight Loss airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.
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