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Poll of the Day: Should Christina Aguilera Stay on 'The Voice'?

Christina+Aguilera in 'The Voice' press junket
Press junket held for NBC's new singing competition "The Voice" at the LA Center Studios. (Bauer Griffin)more pics »Despite a recent decision by NBC to renew the reality talent show for another season, rumors began swirling earlier this week that judge/coach Christina Aguilera would not return to The Voice. Responding to the unverified claims, a well-paid suit at NBC released an official statement claiming "there is absolutely no truth to the rumor." So while it appears Xtina's job remains safe, we can still ask if you think she should stick with the program.
It's not every day you here a celebrity promise to cut someone's throat open. But that's exactly what Terrence Howard allegedly did via voicemail. And believe it or not, 79 percent of you are buying it. (Getty Images)
But first: yesterday's poll: After Iron Man star Terrence Howard unleashed an angry tirade against a complete stranger, we wondered if the crazy recordings were legitimate. Turns out nearly 80 percent of Zimbio readers believe the actor threatened to kill an unknown caller, only to later apologize like a total gentleman. Note to readers: don't leave movie stars' wives loving voicemails, lest you want to die.

But back to Aguilera and her role with The Voice. So here's what we know: no one at the network ever planned on firing her from the show -- at least, not according to NBC Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming, Paul Telegdy. Also, the blonde pop star remains under contract for the second season, which makes sense seeing as she NEVER got axed.

More undeniable facts: the show quickly became a big hit for NBC. And its success was fueled in part by Aguilera and the other star judges/coaches, including Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. You can't question the show's popularity. But you can debate the decision to continue employing Aguilera. Because that's what makes this country so great -- the power of democracy!

Should Christina Aguilera return to 'The Voice'?

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