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When Pop Divas Collaborate, Stage Magic Happens


There's nothing more electrifying than when two pop divas share the stage to proclaim their divalicious might. That's exactly what went down on Tuesday night's season five finale of The Voice when Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga put their rumored differences aside and emerged from their respective pop diva caves to belt out "Do What U Want." There were matching white wigs, skin-tight gold lamé dresses, hand-holding, cuddling, and lots of champagne. By the end of the campy performance, their magical pop princess powers had captivated the audience and stolen our hearts.

Although Xtina and Gaga's amazing performance will surely resonate for some time, let's not forget about the other pop stars before them who have gracefully shared the stage and the attention for the sake of pop magic. 

Like, remember when Taylor Swift had BFF Selena Gomez help her through a performance of "Who Says" at Madison Square Garden in 2011? The crowd went wild.

Or, remember when history was made at the 2003 MTV VMAs after Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (again!) bowed down (and kissed) the reigning queen of pop Madonna?

And, in perhaps the most electrifying on-stage pop diva duet of all time, remember when Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston both competed to see who could make the biggest arm gestures while singing "When You Believe" in matching white gowns at the 1999 Academy Awards? Epic is an understatement.
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