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Cynthia Nixon Loves New York City

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Cynthia Nixon loves New York for all its diversity, and the energy and, of course, it's the setting of her wildly successful show Sex and the City -- and the movies, too! Most importantly, though, it's made it easier for her to talk about her sexuality.

Cynthia and Christine (Getty)
The star has children Samantha, 14, and Charles, seven, with ex-partner Danny Mozer, and says the cosmopolitan city is more accepting of her same-sex relationship with Christine Marinoni.

She said: "Living in New York made it easier to come out. I'm sure it was strange for my daughter, but we have so many gay people in our lives - her uncle is gay, her godmothers are gay. It would be different if we lived somewhere else."

The actress thinks the "richness" and "energy" of the city make it a perfect place to bring up her children. She explained: "There is such diversity in New York, every nationality and every religion, all kinds of neighbourhoods and lifestyles. It's so rich that way. I really like the energy on the street. It was a great place to grow up and it's a great place to raise your children."

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