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Dan Abrams Introduces Geekosystem.com

The Cinema Society & Entertainment Weekly Host
TV personality Dan Abrams attends the after party for a special screening of "The Wrestler" hosted by The Cinema Society and Entertainment Weekly at the Soho Grand Hotel Penthouse on December 8, 2008 in New York City. (Getty Images)more pics »Entrepreneur Dan Abrams, best known for publishing the media news website Mediaite.com, has released his latest project to the world. The businessman introducted his new site Geekosystem.com, which covers technology news and analysis, in addition to video games, movies, comics and science-fiction.

A taste of Geekosystem (Geekosystem.com)
According to Techcrunch.com, the site includes a little bit of everything. Editor Robert Quigley is in charge of a couple of editors, an intern and a host of outside contributors who will do their own reporting in addition to aggregating relevant news from around the Web.

One Abrams trademark you can find at Geekosystem is the power grid, which ranks big names in the industry every week. It's it's nearly as successful as Mediaite, the new site will be huge -- it's already landed a temporary exclusive advertising deal with Microsoft.
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