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'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Top 10 Moments from "American Gothic"

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[WARNING: This recap contains spoilers from Thursday night's episode of The Vampire Diaries. Stop reading now if you haven't watched it yet.]

The return of Elijah, doppelgänger shenanigans, and some deliciously tense Klaus and Caroline moments — tonight's Vampire Diaries was chock full of juicy twists and turns. Check out our Top 10 moments from "American Gothic":

1. Katherine's living it up in small town USA
Where's Katherine been hiding all this time? In a small Pennsylvania town where she's compelled everyone to like her — and not to talk about her. Too bad Elena shows up looking exactly like Kat (for once the whole doppelgänger thing actually comes in handy), so it doesn't take long for a local girl to start spilling secrets.

2. A changed woman — or so she says
Katherine tells Elena and Rebekah that the only reason she stole the cure was to use it to bargain for her freedom from Klaus. She insists she's a changed woman, but she's spent centuries being a conniving, murderous vixen, though, so that seems pretty hard to believe. Naturally, the girls don't buy it and they steal her cell phone ad discover that she's supposed to meet up with someone named "em" later that day.

3. Silas is playing tricks again
Shane isn't the only human that Silas can shape-shift into, apparently. The ancient warlock transforms himself into Caroline and gets to work taunting Klaus, who's suffering from some major white oak splinter repercussions. It's pretty fun watching Candice Accola do her thang as Silas playing Caroline, although Klaroline shippers were probably hoping there would be more real Klaus/Caroline action (more on that in a minute…)

4. Elena as Katherine
We've gotten to see Katherine pretend to be Elena plenty of times, but this time around it was Elena who got to step into Katherine's sassy heels. Elena mimicking Katherine's insults was all kinds of hilarious, although Rebekah was right — she did need more eyeliner to make the transformation completely believable.

5. Elijah's back…
…and he's apparently been getting it on with Katherine (again). He's totally her over heels for her (AGAIN) and she's hoping he'll broker a deal with Klaus for her freedom. But luckily Elena is here to offer up for tough real talk: “You fell for her trap like every other one of these idiots." She also tells Elijah (who, it must be said, looks so damn good in that suit) that Katherine killed Jeremy, which definitely seems to put a momentary damper on his Katerina love fest.

6. The real Caroline shows up
The real deal finally shows up at Klaus' place and he immediately lashes out at her for everything he thought she did before. Not one to take insults lying down, Caroline shoots back. “I’m supposed to be running three different prom committees right now, and you keep phone stalking me!” She finally agrees to take out the white oak splitter if he agrees to let Tyler come home (and not kill him, obviously). Because he's a stubborn old Original, Klaus won't agree, which leads to a heated shouting match that looked like it might devolve into a seriously steamy make out session. Alas, no one kissed and the sexual tension is between these two is getting seriously combustible.

7. But where are all the fish?
Damon and Stefan show up to interrupt Katherine and Rebekah's sassy diner smack talk, and the four of them head back to Katherine's apartment. She has a fish tank, which should be an obvious red flag because there's no way that girlfriend could ever be bothered to remember to feed a fish. Damon discovers that they fish tank water has been laced with vervain after Katherine gives him a faceful of it. Then Katherine attempts to escape with the cure, but Rebekah stops her and snatches the cure away. Finally, Rebekah has the key to the humanity she's always desired, and she gets right down to business guzzling it down. Except…

8. It's a fake cure (obviously)
You think Katherine would really keep the world's most valuable anti-vampire juice in her own home? No, she's compelled someone in town to protect it for her, and when she retrieves the real deal she gives it to Elijah as a sign that her feelings for him are real. Now the decision about what to do with it lies completely in his hands. Will he use it to finally set Katherine free from Klaus' hunting? Or will he give it to his poor sister Rebekah, who just wants to get married and have babies and get old and fat like the rest of us mere mortals. Decisions, decisions.

9. Stefan's ready to move on?
Oh, those Salvatore brothers. It's got to be pretty tiring devoting your whole life to Elena Gilbert, especially now that she's turned into a "stone-cold bitch." Stefan confesses to Damon that he still wants the cure for Elena, but that he plans to leave town and have his own life after she becomes human again. Damon also admits that he really does want Elena to have the cure, even though he hardly tried to stop Rebekah from taking it before they all discovered it was fake. He says he wants what's best for Elena, even if that means losing her. As for what Elena wants...

10. It's time for an ultimatum
Humanity-free Elena is tired of Stefan and Damon trying to force her to be like to old Elena, so she gives them an ultimatum that they accept her as she is or else. The Salvatore brothers don't listen, obviously, and they both say they're not ready to give up on her and on her humanity — no matter what the consequences might be. Those consequences turn out to be Elena killing a local waitress, which is way harsh. Katherine's starting to look like the nice doppelgänger all of a sudden.

What did you think of "American Gothic"? Did you predict that the cure at Katherine's house wasn't the real cure? Are you getting tired of humanity-free Elena or are you digging her bad ass attitude? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!
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