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David Mills Dies at 48

David Mills, a groundbreaking journalist and television writer, passed away last night at the age of 48. Mills, best known for his work on HBO's The Corner, The Wire, and Homicide: Life on the Street, was just 12 days away from seeing the premiere of a new show he'd worked on, Treme.

Television writer and journalist David Mills. (Getty Images)
"He was very quiet and introverted, but spoke volumes when he wrote," said actor Wendell Pierce, speaking to CBC News. "He challenged us as actors and he challenged Americans when it came to matters of race. He was one of the more talented people working in TV. He made it much more than just empty entertainment."

Mills collapsed on set Tuesday in mid-conversation, and died shortly after. A small memorial was held on the set of the show this morning.

Before television fame, Mills was known best for his infamous interview with Sister Souljah. During that interview, the following exchange occurred:

Mills: But even the people themselves who were perpetrating that violence, did they think it was wise? Was that wise, reasoned action?
Souljah: Yeah, it was wise. I mean, if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people? You understand what I'm saying? In other words, white people, this government, and that mayor were well aware of the fact that black people were dying every day in Los Angeles under gang violence. So if you're a gang member and you would normally be killing somebody, why not kill a white person? Do you think that somebody thinks that white people are better, or above and beyond dying, when they would kill their own kind?
These comments led to then Democratic presidential candidate denouncing Sister Souljah on the campaign trail during a campaign event that Souljah was present at.
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