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'Shark Tank' Exclusive: Will the Sharks Bite on This Smart Pack?

Watch the sharks dig into two millennial entrepreneurs and destroy their big dream.

'Shark Tank' Exclusive: Will the Sharks Bite on This Smart Pack?

It's pretty difficult to get a word in once the billionaire Sharks start speaking. But the founders of Coalition, Jeff Popp and Casey Lorenzen, did their best while pitching the idea for their high-tech backpacks.

In an exclusive sneak peek of this Friday's all-new episode of Shark Tank, the millennial entrepreneurs struggle to explain the importance of their product, and they are clearly in over their heads. Popp and Lorenzen own another lucrative company ‪— an outdoor technical brand called MHM — but are only interested in an investment for their new brand. Judging from the Sharks' facial expressions, a few of them seem more interested in MHM.

As expected, "Mr.Wonderful" Kevin O'Leary is the first one to chime in with his dismissive commentary. “So basically anybody can pull out a charger and a drive in the bag,” he says after learning that the young entrepreneurs do not have a patent for their new product. Clearly, this product won't be an easy sell, but perhaps Popp and Lorenzen can still win over the Sharks (if they can manage to get a word in!).

Check out the exclusive sneak peek below and be sure to tune in for the complete episode on Friday at 9/8c on ABC.

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