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China Women's Gymnasts Take Gold

Questions over the age of China's female gymnasts still loom as the women won the gold medal, on day five of Olympic competition. The Chinese team won its first ever gold medal, while the U.S. took silver.

The scores remained close until the final rotation, but the U.S. walked away looking sad and defeated. In the end, it was a solid Chinese team that took first, while the American women made a number of mistakes including two falls by team leader Alicia Sacramone.

Still, there is speculation over the ages of China's gymnasts, with even coaches from other nations making accusations that some of the girls may be too young. "One of the girls has a missing tooth," Martha Karolyi, the United States national team coordinator, told the New York Times.

Many have wondered whether or not the athletes meet the age requirement of 16-years-old, even before the start of the Olympic games. But, to put aside doubts, China released official documentation showing the gymnasts were old enough.

Still, many believe China may have been so desperate to have their team win that they forged documents for the girls. But, there is no proof, and as far as anyone actually knows, the girls are of age.

Considering the fact that gymnasts in general have a tendency to be on the smaller side, and women of Asian decent are sometimes more petite than American women, the argument over age could go either way.

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