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DeSean Jackson's Premature Touchdown Celebration

The Philadelphia Eagles lost 41-37 to the Cowboys Monday night, and although they can't pin their loss on one stupid play, a play will live on in history as one of the single stupidest mistakes in NFL history.

During the second quarter, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb launched a pass downfield to receiver DeSean Jackson. The rookie receiver caught it easily, and should have been able to simply jog the ball into the end zone, but he forgot one important thing, the ball.

Rookie Jackson was so sure he'd score that he threw the football down in celebration, but he threw it too early, about a yard too early to be exact. Jackson dropped the ball at the 1-yard line, as he ran into the end zone triumphantly.

If a Cowboys player would've realized it, they could've picked the ball up and ran with it. Luckily no one did, and the whistle blew. Afterwards, the referees rightly called the play a fumble. The Eagles retained possession of the ball, and scored on the next drive.

Jackson, who had, until last night, proven a smart investment for Philadelphia, already has more than 100 yards in only two NFL games. Still, he made a mistake that even a rookie shouldn't make.

Missed last night's game? We've got the video for you right here.

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