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Drea De Matteo -- Calls Lindsay Lohan a bitch

Drea De Matteo
Drea De Matteo isn't afraid to speak her mind. According to Lindsay Lohan, she also talks a bit like a prison inmate.

In Us Weekly, Lohan described De Matteo seeing her at a party and saying, "Come at me, bitch."


From Us Weekly:
Lohan says she's "so alone" without Ronson.

"Everyone's turned on me," says the actress. She tells the magazine that the night of the Chateau showdown, Nicole Richie walked by her and said "Uck," and Drea De Matteo said, "Come at me, b---h."

Sources tell the magazine Ronson had repeatedly tried to break up with Lohan over the past month, but each time, "Lindsay threatens to kill herself -- she cares about her but wants out."

Lohan laughs upon hearing that, saying she's okay.

"I'm just really hurt!" she says. "The whole situation is sick."

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