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Drea De Matteo On Her 'Desperate Housewives' Character and Motherhood

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Drea De Matteo says her new Desperate Housewives character is not a maneater like Nicolette Sheridan's alter ego Edie Britt. Nicolette left the show and now there's a new resident on Wisteria Lane, but she's not Edie's replacement, De Matteo insists.

Eva Longoria and Drea De Matteo on the Housewives set. (Photo Agency)
The former Joey star said: "I think that had they tried to replace Edie, they would have gone for someone ten years younger and 30 million times hotter than me!"

The 37-year-old actress also revealed Angie has a few surprises for the other characters – which include Gabrielle Solis, played by Eva Longoria-Parker and Susan Delfino, who is portrayed by Teri Hatcher.

She said: "She's a New Yorker who's never lived in the suburbs before – so she's a scrappy 'street' kind of girl. She's a good mom and loves her son more than anything in the world, but she's definitely been in trouble in the past so she has secrets."

Drea, who quit acting because she wanted to spend more time with boyfriend Shooter Jennings and then fell pregnant with daughter Alabama Gypsyrose, now two, thinks Desperate Housewives is the perfect opportunity to get back into work because she's such an "obsessed" parent.

She said: "It's a perfect situation. I don't stay away from her for more than four hours ever at a time. I'm obsessed with her. I feel like the biggest a**hole talking about myself when really the only thing I care to talk about is her."

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