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2012 People's Choice Awards Nominees Round-Up

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The 38th People's Choice Awards are set to air on January 11th, but before they do, you'll need to get informed on all the nominees in all the categories that cross genres and media platforms. We pick apart the nominees from movies, television, and music to find out who will win, who should win, and who's the longshot that just might sneak up on people.


Can Bridesmaids top Harry Potter? Favorite Movie
    •    Bridesmaids
    •    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    •    The Help
    •    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    •    Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Will Win: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Being that it is the final chapter in one of the world's biggest pop culture phenomenons, odds are in the wizards' favor.
Should Win: Bridesmaids. Kristen Wiig and the girls proved women don't have to be relegated to sidekicks or romantic comedies. Bridesmaids was one of the funniest movies of the year hands down, without gender qualifiers.
Longshot: The Help won people over with it's heart-warming tale of taking a stand against social injustice, but is that enough to compete with the blockbuster power of the other films on the list.
Ladies love RPattz
Favorite Movie Actor
    •    Daniel Radcliffe
    •    Hugh Jackman
    •    Johnny Depp
    •    Robert Pattinson
    •    Ryan Reynolds
Will Win: Robert Pattinson. The Twilight craze is still in full swing, and with Breaking Dawn set to premiere in a week, the RPattz hype will be overwhelming.
Should Win: Johnny Depp, if only because his resume far exceeds that of the other nominees.
Longshot: Ryan Reynolds. Green Lantern was a massive flop, but his charm and sense of humor might win some people over. Oh, and his abs.

Are you aboard the Emma Stone train? Favorite Movie Actress
    •    Anne Hathaway
    •    Emma Stone
    •    Jennifer Aniston
    •    Julia Roberts
    •    Reese Witherspoon
Will Win: Emma Stone. With The Help and Crazy Stupid Love, Stone has amassed quite the following of men and women alike.
Should Win: Sure, give it to Stone.
Longshot: Resse Witherspoon. She might capitalize on some of the Robert Pattinson love thanks to Water for Elephants.

How could you not like George?
Favorite Movie Icon
    •    George Clooney
    •    Harrison Ford
    •    Morgan Freeman
    •    Robert DeNiro
    •    Tom Hanks
Will Win: George Clooney. Clooney can charm anyone from any demographic, which makes him the favorite in a group of legendary actors.
Should Win: Morgan Freeman. The guy's been in like a thousand movies, and how many other actors have played God and the President of the US. Plus, he made you cry simply by narrating a penguin's life cycle.
Longshot: Harrison Ford. Does the Han Solo/Indiana Jones brand still hold weight?

Will Harry Potter cast a spell on voters? Favorite Action Movie
    •    Fast Five
    •    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    •    Thor
    •    Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    •    X-Men: First Class

Will Win: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. (See above)
Should Win: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Longshot: X-Men: First Class. People love origin stories, and comic book movies are still big business, but who are we kidding? It's not Harry Potter.

The future of action flicks?
Favorite Action Movie Star
    •    Hugh Jackman
    •    Ryan Reynolds
    •    Shia LaBeouf
    •    Taylor Lautner
    •    Vin Diesel
Will Win: Taylor Lautner. Last year's People's Choice Awards was dominated by Twilight, so expect Lautner to cash in on that cred, even though Abduction was a major flop.
Should Win: Shia LaBeouf. The guy's saved the planet from alien robots three times, people. Show some love.
Longshot: Vin Diesel. If this were 2001, he'd be the odds on favorite. Can the fifth Fast film turn back the clock?

So money, and he knows it. Favorite Drama Movie
    •    The Adjustment Bureau
    •    The Help
    •    Limitless
    •    Moneyball
    •    Water for Elephants

Will Win: Water for Elephants. Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson in a love story is pretty tough to compete
Should Win: Moneyball. Leave it to Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill to turn managing a baseball team on a budget into one of the year's most compelling films with some of the most interesting characters.
Longshot: Moneyball. It doesn't really appeal to the PCA demographic, but, hey, it has Brad Pitt.

Zach attack. Favorite Comedic Actor
    •    Bad Teacher
    •    Bridesmaids
    •    Crazy Stupid Love
    •    Friends With Benefits
    •    The Hangover Part II

Will Win: The Hangover Part II. Being the highest grossing R-rated comedy has to account for something, even if the sequel totally fell flat on the laughs.
Should Win: Bridesmaids. It'll be a tight race between Hangover and Bridesmaids, but in our mind, it's not even close. Kristen Wiig and company deserve this one.
Longshot: Crazy Stupid Love. It's for young and old alike. If it wins, that'll show just how far Ryan Gosling has come in 2011 in terms of popularity.

Easliy the funniest guy in the mix. Favorite Comedic Movie Actor
    •    Adam Sandler
    •    Ashton Kutcher
    •    Bradley Cooper
    •    Ryan Reynolds
    •    Steve Carell
Will Win: Bradley Cooper. Ride that Hangover wave, Mr. Cooper.
Should Win: Steve Carell. Since Adam Sandler started phoning it in back in the late '90s, Carell is the most naturally funny person on the list, and it's not even close.
Longshot: Adam Sandler. Not everyone thinks he's lost it.

Wiig proved she can lead a move, why no love?
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress
    •    Cameron Diaz
    •    Emma Stone
    •    Jennifer Aniston
    •    Mila Kunis
    •    Natalie Portman
Will Win: Emma Stone. Not sure why, but young women think she's absolutely hilarious.
Should Win: Kristen Wiig. How is she not on this list?! She's funnier than all five nominees combined.
Longshot: Natalie Portman. We love Portman as much as the next person, but remind us of something funny she did this year? And don't try and say No Strings Attached.

All grown up. Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast
    •    Bridesmaids
    •    The Hangover Part II
    •    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    •    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    •    X-Men: First Class

Will Win: Harry Potter. This looks like the franchise to beat this year.
Should Win: We're fine with honoring Harry Potter for its overall run, but can Bridesmaids get some love?
Longshot: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The previous Pirates movies have done well at the People's Choice Awards, although there's stiffer competition this year.


Is the Good Wife good enough to win?
Favorite Network TV Drama
    •    The Good Wife
    •    Grey's Anatomy
    •    House
    •    Supernatural
    •    The Vampire Diaries

Will Win: Grey's Anatomy. Think of it as a lifetime achievement award.
Should Win: The Good Wife. It's the show with the most depth and has yet to peak.
Longshot: House. Hugh Laurie has created a character that people love no matter where the show goes or how ridiculous his antics get.

Hugh Laurie, always the card.
Favorite TV Drama Actor
    •    David Boreanz
    •    Hugh Laurie
    •    Ian Somerhalder
    •    Nathan Fillion
    •    Patrick Dempsey
Will Win: Hugh Laurie. He has the most recognizable and iconic character.
Should Win: Hugh Laurie.
Longshot: Nathan Fillion. If the comic con fans have anything to say about it, Fillion might stand a chance.

Looking LIvely.
Favorite TV Drama Actress
    •    Blake Lively
    •    Ellen Pompeo
    •    Emily Deschanel
    •    Eva Longoria
    •    Nina Dobrev
Will Win: Blake Lively. The Gossip Girl's expansion into movies has only strengthened her brand and GG translates to the People's Choice younger demo.
Should Win: Lively. Given the competition, there's no reason she shouldn't be favored.
Longshot: Eva Longoria. She might get the votes since it is the last season of Desperate Housewives.

Emmy? Check. People's Choice? TBD.
Favorite Cable TV Drama
    •    Dexter
    •    Game of Thrones
    •    Pretty Little Liars
    •    True Blood
    •    White Collar

Will Win: True Blood. Vampires are still the rage right now, and on HBO, they get naked… hard to compete with.
Should Win: Game of Thrones. The epic medieval series created a fantasy world unlike any seen on TV before.
Longshot: Pretty Little Liars. On a whole, it's not nearly as popular as some of the other shows, but a series about teenagers hiding secrets fits right in with the PCA audience.

Modern Family stays strong. Favorite Network TV Comedy
    •    The Big Bang Theory
    •    Glee
    •    How I Met Your Mother
    •    Modern Family
    •    Two and a Half Men

Will Win: Glee. As the most nominated member of the People's Choice Awards, expect Glee to clean up.
Should Win: Modern Family. Still strong in it's second season.
Longshot: How I Met Your Mother. A strong ensemble cast with more than 100 episodes to their credit could be enough to sneak up on the newbies.

Can the vet beat out the youngsters?
Favorite TV Comedy Actor
    •    Alec Baldwin
    •    Chris Colfer
    •    Cory Monteith
    •    Jim Parsons
    •    Neil Patrick Harris
Will Win: Chris Colfer. When in doubt, go with Glee.
Should Win: Neil Patrick Harris. The man of many talents might be best at making us laugh.
Longshot: Alec Baldwin. If the older audience has a say, then Baldwin will be rewarded for his 30 Rock mainstay.

Glee could run the table with seven noms.
Favorite TV Comedy Actress
    •    Courteney Cox
    •    Jane Lynch
    •    Kaley Cuoco
    •    Lea Michele
    •    Tina Fey
Will Win: Lea Michele. The Glee effect.
Should Win: Tina Fey. When people ask who is the funniest woman in Hollywood, Fey is often the answer, and rightfully so.
Longshot: Kaley Cuoco. Big Bang Theory continues to thrive even though it doesn't have as many household names.

The shakeup hasn't detered AI.
Favorite TV Competition Show
    •    American Idol
    •    America's Got Talent
    •    Dancing With The Stars
    •    So You Think You Can Dance
    •    The Voice

Will Win: American Idol. It's still the giant in the reality TV world.
Should Win: So You Think You Can Dance. We'll take physical skill over someone born with a good voice.
Longshot: America's Got Talent. A show that doesn't limit itself to singing or dancing specifically could stand out in the crowd.


Can anyone beat Bieber?
Favorite Male Artist
    •    Blake Shelton
    •    Bruno Mars
    •    Eminem
    •    Enrique Iglesias
    •    Justin Bieber
Will Win: Bieber. The teen girl demographic is too powerful to contend with.
Should Win: Hard to argue anyone is more deserving than the other, so however this turns out, we're okay with it.
Longshot: Blake Shelton. If country fans come out in droves, Shelton could rival Biebs.

Gaga might be unstoppable this year. Favorite Female Artist
    •    Adele
    •    Beyoncé
    •    Katy Perry
    •    Lady Gaga
    •    Taylor Swift
Will Win: Lady Gaga. This might be the closest category to call. It's really anyone's game, but Gaga has the sales, theatrics, and outfits to separate from the pack.
Should Win: Adele. If we're going simply on vocal skill and songwriting prowess, Adele's your winner.
Longshot: Adele. She's clearly the odd one out in this mix of teen idols who are known for their stage presence and fashion sense as much as they are for their music.

Will Adele win the people over?
Favorite Song of the Year
    •    "The Edge Of Glory"
 - Lady Gaga
    •    "E.T
." - Katy Perry featuring Kanye West
    •    "Moves Like Jagger" - 
Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera
    •    "Party Rock Anthem" 
LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennet & GoonRock
    •    "Rolling in the Deep
" - Adele
Will Win: Lady Gaga.
Should Win: Adele.
Longshot: Katy Perry. Kanye West feature role should get her some love, maybe enough to push her over the top.

Beyonce should take home some hardware.
Favorite Album of the Year
    •    21 - 
    •    4
 - Beyoncé
    •    Born This Way
 - Lady Gaga
    •    Femme Fatale - 
Britney Spears
    •    Own The Night - 
Lady Antebellum
Will Win: Like Glee, Gaga is a safe bet throughout.
Should Win: Adele. See a pattern here?
Longshot: Britney Spears. The People's Choice Awards will be a pretty good gauge as to where Britney stands in her comeback.

Did anyone have a bigger year? Favorite Hip Hop Artist
    •    B.o.B.
    •    Eminem
    •    Jay-Z
    •    Nicki Minaj
    •    Pitbull
Will Win: Nicki Minaj. 2011 was the year of Nicki Minaj, and 2012 will be where she picks up the trophies to prove it.
Should Win: Jay-Z. Come on, is there anyone on the list that comes close to Z?
Longshot: Eminem. Is his previous material enough to carry him to an award in 2012?

Beyonce vs. Rihanna: Who ya got? Favorite R&B Artist
    •    Beyoncé
    •    Bruno Mars
    •    Chris Brown
    •    Ne-Yo
    •    Rihanna
Will Win: Beyonce or Rihanna. These two women seem to ebb and flow alongside each other. One week, Rihanna is the hottest woman in R&B, the next, it's Beyonce. This will be the closest two-way battle of the night.
Should Win: Beyonce or Rihanna. These two ladies have risen above the crowd, as it should be. We just can't decide between the two of them.
Longshot: Chris Brown. Despite a history of inappropriate behavior, Brown's fans are some of the most diehard people out there.

Are the Foo for you? Favorite Band
    •    Coldplay
    •    Foo Fighters
    •    Linkin Park
    •    Maroon 5
    •    Red Hot Chili Peppers
Will Win: This is anyone's guess… just don't let it be Maroon 5.
Should Win. Toss up between Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers, two bands who cross over critical and mainstream success and who have been making quality tunes for decades now.
Longshot: Coldplay. The easy-listening balladry of these Brits has mass appeal, which could tip the award their way, especially if Foo Fighters and RHCP split votes.

Swift's crossover appeal gives her the edge.
Favorite Country Artist
    •    Blake Shelton
    •    Keith Urban
    •    Lady Antebellum
    •    Rascal Flatts
    •    Taylor Swift
Will Win: Taylor Swift. She's one of the most popular country acts out there, and her music has crossed over into mainstream pop.
Should Win: Swift. Solid country music and a humble personality make her deserving.
Longshot: Lady Antebellum. They're also in the Favorite Album category, so they've got to stand a chance against Swift, right?

Other People's Choice Categories

Favorite Movie Superhero
    •    Chris Evans as Captain America
    •    Chris Hemsworth as Thor
    •    James McAvoy as Professor X
    •    Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique
    •    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Favorite Book Adaptation
    •    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    •    The Help
    •    I Am Number Four
    •    Soul Surfer
    •    Water For Elephants

Favorite TV Crime Drama
    •    Bones
    •    Castle
    •    Criminal Minds
    •    CSI
    •    NCIS

Favorite TV Guest Star
    •    Gwyneth Paltrow
    •    Jim Carrey
The Office
    •    Katy Perry
How I Met Your Mother
    •    Kristin Chenoweth
    •    Michael J. Fox
The Good Wife

Favorite Late Night TV Host
    •    Conan O'Brien
    •    David Letterman
    •    Jay Leno
    •    Jimmy Fallon
    •    Jimmy Kimmel

Favorite TV Celeb-Reality Star
    •    Gene Simmons
    •    Giuliana Rancic
    •    Kathy Griffin
    •    Kim Kardashian
    •    Tia & Tamera Mowry

Favorite New TV Drama
    •    A Gifted Man
    •    Grimm
    •    Hart of Dixie
    •    Once Upon A Time
    •    Pan Am
    •    Person of Interest
    •    Prime Suspect
    •    Revenge
    •    Ringer
    •    The Secret Circle
    •    Terra Nova
    •    Unforgettable

Favorite New TV Comedy
    •    2 Broke Girls
    •    Allen Gregory
    •    Last Man Standing
    •    Man Up!
    •    New Girl
    •    Suburgatory
    •    Up All Night
    •    Whitney

Favorite Tour Headliner
    •    Bon Jovi
    •    Katy Perry
    •    Taylor Swift
    •    U2
    •    Usher

Favorite Music Video
    •    "Judas" - 
Lady Gaga
    •    "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" - 
Katy Perry
    •    "Party Rock Anthem
" - LMFAO featuring Goonrock & Lauren Bennett
    •    "Rolling in the Deep" - 
    •    "Run The World (Girls)" - 
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