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21 Adorable Things Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Do Together

Crowning the most adorable couple in Hollywood is a subjective venture, a matter of when and where your cutesy barometer crosses over into barf territory. But let us suggest a contender for the title: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. These two seem to genuinely like each other in a down-to-earth, goofy way that is both relatable and romantic. Just look at all the fun things they do together.

They tour the sights of Rome on a scooter:Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Ride a Scooter
They treat each other like a gentleman and a lady:
They feed each other:
They dance together:
They cover each other in silly string:

They hang out with their smallest fans:
They play jokes on each other:
They graduate together:
They blow each other:

They group hug:
They laugh together:

They engage in spontaneous staring contests:
They nuzzle hoods:

They mess with the paparazzi together:
Andrew & Emma Out For Lunch At La Super-Rica Taqueria
Sometimes they do so for a good cause:

They play dress-up together:
They hike together:

They share surprises together:

They goof off with pipe-cleaners together:

They dog-sit together:
And they always let each other know how they feel:
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