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19 Things You Might Have Missed in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

(Sony Pictures)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is packed with characters, references, and subtleties that are easy to miss the first time around. Here are a few odds and ends to look for the second or third time around.

1. Meet the Black Cat

Played by Felicity Jones, Harry Osborn's assistant is named "Felicia," a clear reference to Felicia Hardy, who has a secret identity as a thief named Black Cat. In the comics, Black Cat occupies a space remarkably similar to Catwoman. She's a cat-themed thief who both antagonizes and beguiles a hero who finds himself sometimes fighting her, and sometimes making out with her.

We're not sure what she was up to in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 since she didn't interact with Spider-Man. Perhaps Black Cat was casing Oscorp for a big job, or maybe she was just dropped in as fan service.

2. Dr. Kafka Became a Man, and Might Be Something More 

Marton Csokas' overtly cartoonish Dr. Ashley Kafka was the most Sam Raimi-esque element in Marc Webb's new movie. Written as a mad scientist Dr. Strangelove (right down to the hair, accent, and glasses), and left in charge of the Ravencroft asylum for the criminally insane, you'd think he'd be some very curious super-villain from the pages of Spider-Man. But that's not the case. His comic-book analogue also runs Ravencroft, but she's not a cackling mad scientist, she's good. And she's a lady. So what's Kafka's deal? Are they setting him up to be Dr. Octopus? It could explain why he got more screen time than he needed.

3. A Sinister Chamber

(From Sony Pictures)This one was revealed in the trailers, so you might already know about it. But the secret Oscorp chamber where Harry gets his Green Goblin suit is all set up to be a super-villainous base of operations for the Sinister Six. Sony has already said the idea is to make a Sinister Six movie, and interestingly enough, there happen to be six doors in that chamber.

4. Was That Bus a Callback to Spider-Man 2?
(Sony Pictures)In Spidey's opening battle with the Rhino he ends up throwing himself in front of a bus to prevent it from capsizing. The way he uses his whole body to save all those people might bring back memories of Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2, the best-reviewed Spider-Man adaptation so far, in which Spidey threw himself in front of a moving train to save even more people. It's not exactly the same, but the brief moment did feel like a small homage.

5. Stan the Man

Stan Lee filming his cameo on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (FameFlynet)Look for Spider-Man creator Stan Lee's cameo during Peter Parker's graduation ceremony. He yells, "I think I know that guy!"

6. A Special Call-In Guest

During an early montage of Spider-Man thwarting a series of bad guys, he finds himself fighting a cold while leaving a would-be robber hanging in a convenience store. In the background we can hear a radio call-in show where the call-in guest is Max Dillon before he becomes Electro. The topic of the show is whether Spider-Man is a hero or a menace, and Max definitely thinks he's a hero.

7. Chris Cooper And Dane DeHaan's Eyes

Unfortunately we don't have the screen captures from the movie that could properly illustrate this, but Chris Cooper and Dane DeHaan had suspiciously similar ice blue eyes in ASM2. Cooper, of course, plays Norman Osborn, and DeHaan plays his son, Harry. We're guessing they manipulated Cooper's eyes in post (or maybe it was just contacts) to look more like DeHaan, who just naturally has that creepy shade of blue. Here's what their eyes look like in real life with Cooper on the left and DeHaan on the right.

8. Electro's Thoughts Are Expressed in Music

One of the crazier things in ASM2 was the way music was used to express Electro's inner dialogue. In his first confrontation with Spider-Man, Electro turns into an electric rage monster when Spider-Man can't remember his name. As the anger builds, a voice emerges from the dub-step score, chanting, "He lied to me/ He shot at me/ He hates on me/ He's using me/ He's dead to me/ That Spider-Man/ He is my enemy." Here's the selection from the soundtrack. Skip to about 5:05 to hear Electro's not-so-nice thoughts.

9. Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent 6

Hans Zimmer is an Oscar-winning composer famous for his work on, among other things, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 he teamed up with Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr (of The Smiths), Michael Einziger (of Incubus), Junkie XL, Andrew Kawczynski, and Steve Mazzaro. Riffing on Spidey's Sinister Six, they call themselves the Magnificent Six.

The Magnificent Six
From left: Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Andrew Kawczynski, Junkie XL, Michael Einziger, Steve Mazzaro.

10. If Electro Looks Familiar

He sometimes looks an awful lot like Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen, especially when he figures out how to turn himself into pure electricity and then re-take a human form. Given the nature of Electro's transformation it might just be coincidence though.

11. Oscorp's Secret Villain Files

When Harry starts looking through his dad's old files, we can see several allusions to other Spider-Man plots and characters. If you're looking closely you'll see the word "Venom," which could either be a reference to the spider venom Harry thinks can save his life, or to one of Spider-Man's greatest villains, Venom. There's also a "Dr. Morbius" file which seems like a pretty unambiguous reference to the vampire Morbius, who's fought both Spider-Man and Blade (and sometimes even bad guys) on the pages of Marvel Comics. It's a lot like the scene in X2: X-Men United where Mystique is going through Stryker's computer and comes across a treasure trove of old X-Men plots and characters.

12. The Spider-Slayer

B.J. Novak didn't just show up to bully Jamie Foxx. The Office alum was playing Alistair Smythe, an Oscorp favorite whose dabblings in super science may lead him to become the Ultimate Spider-Slayer if Marc Webb and company decide to flesh out his backstory from the comics.

13. "Itsy-Bitsy Spider"

When Electro started smashing Spider-Man against a series of electrified pylons during the movie's climactic battle, if you were paying attention you realized he was playing the melody for "Itsy-Bitsy Spider." Spidey's response? "I hate this song!"

14. Emma & Andrew's Dog

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield don't just play a couple onscreen, they're together in real-life too. So when Gwen Stacy is walking her dog in the movie, that Golden Retriever is actually Ren, the dog Emma and Andrew adopted together in 2012.

Emma Stone on the 'Spider-Man 2' Set — Part 2
Emma Stone looks after Andrew Garfield's dog, Ren, on set, during the filming of 'The Amazing Spider-man 2' in New York City on May 28, 2013. (Pacific Coast News)more pics »
15. Gwen Stacy's Outfit

When it came to The Amazing Spider-Man 2's big moment, director Marc Webb kept his version of events close to the comic book version, right down to Gwen Stacy's coat, boots, and skirt.

16. Bypassing the Gwen Stacy Debate

But when it came time to kill Gwen, Webb didn't leave any ambiguity to his version of events. Gwen's 1972 comic book death sparked a debate that's lasted for years because it was somewhat unclear whether Spider-Man accidentally killed Gwen Stacy by snapping her neck while trying to rescue her. In the movie, just like in the comic, Spidey snags her with his web, but it's too late. The web catches Gwen, but not soon enough to stop her from slamming her head on the ground, killing her in the process.

17. The Time on the Clock

After Gwen dies in the movie, we see a shot of the clock tower where she died, and the time is 1:21am, a reference to Amazing Spider-Man issue #121, which includes the story The Night Gwen Stacy Died.

18. Mr. Fiers

The shadowy figure Harry Osborn calls "Mr. Fiers" is Gustav Fiers, an obscure Spider-Man character pulled not from the comics, but a Spider-Man novel called The Gathering of the Six. In the novel he's the one who assembles the Sinister Six. In this universe, it's pretty clear he's working with Harry, aka the Green Goblin, to make that happen.

19. A Hidden Tease in the Credits

While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn't have a mid-credits or post-credits scene attached to it, it does have a hidden tease within the credits. If you Shazam Alicia Keys' "It's On Again" during the credits, the app will load a series of pictures that provide clues as to which villains will be included in the Sinister 6.

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