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Surprising Celebrity Scientologist #9: Erika Christensen

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Actress Christensen calls Tom Cruise her "spiritual mentor."
Actress Erika Christensen, like Beck, was raised into Scientology in Los Angeles.

Erika attended Delphi Academy, a private school in Los Angeles that uses the Study Tech educational methodology created by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.  There are other Church of Scientology-affiliated Delphi Academies throughout the country, but only the LA location offers high school diplomas.  The Delphi Academy Christensen attended does not advertise its connection to the COS, and critics of the Church claim that the school is a minority recruitment tool.

Christensen has been open about her Scientology background, and has told interviewers that she considers Tom Cruise her spiritual mentor.  Somehow, she's managed to escape the criticism Tom regularly faces for his religious beliefs. Maybe it's because she barely has a career.

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