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MPAA Bans 'Sin City' Poster Because of Boobs, Makes That Poster Super Popular

Eva Green's scantily clad new poster is too sexy, says MPAA.

Eva Green's banned poster from 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'
Eva Green's banned poster from 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'

Eva Green's new semi-nude poster for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is too sexy for the MPAA, which has rejected the promotional image. But the real story here might be that we're talking about it at all.

It doesn't seem like any coincidence that the Weinstein Co. is behind the upcoming sequel to 2005's Sin City. Harvey Weinstein has proven himself adept at gaming the MPAA for publicity. It goes all the way back to 1989, when he sued them over rating two of Miramax's movies "X," resulting in the introduction of the NC-17 rating. And it's continued as recently as December when he launched a (successful) campaign to convince the MPAA to lower its rating of Philomena from R to PG-13.

PageSix originally broke the news of the Eva Green's banned sexiness, citing an unnamed source. But according to EOnline, sources say the MPAA is working with producers on a poster that won't fatally distract 14-year-old boys at movie theaters, and this back-and-forth is actually pretty common. All of which leads us to believe the Weinstein Co. probably leaked the MPAA rejection to PageSix because they knew it would drum up press for the movie.

If that's the case, it seems to have worked. The item rocketed up to the top of reddit's popular /movies board, and, well, we're far from the only outlet covering it. So well played Harvey Weinstein. Well played.

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