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Did Eva Longoria Copy Miley Cyrus' Haircut?

(Photos: Getty Images | Twitter, @EvaLongoria)

Miley Cyrus shocked the world earlier this year when she chopped off her long brown locks in favor of a punk-y bleached blonde pixie cut, complete with buzzed sides. Little did we know, she was starting a Hollywood trend… kind of.

Today on her Twitter account, Eva Longoria hinted that she was going through a radical hairdo transformation when she posted this photo of a bunch of freshly cut dark hair piled around a salon chair with the caption, "Uh oh." Naturally, her followers begged to know just how extreme her new look was, prompting Longoria to tweet the above photo of her alongside hairstylist pal Ken Paves. As you can see, it seemed as though she pulled a Miley and went super short. "You guys like the new hairdo?" Longoria asked her Twitter fans.

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After a variety of responses, from "love it!" to "ahhh I already miss your long hair," Longoria revealed the new 'do was all a ruse. "Ok, I'm kidding. It's a wig," she tweeted. Looks like Miley's still the only celeb with a "Miley" after all. But Longoria's stunt begs the question: Should she actually change cut her hair short?

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