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Stars' Style Decades: Time Warped Celebrities

It seems like there are lots of organic labels launching these days, but fashion has always been “green”—at least when it comes to recycling ideas, anyway.  Many of the most fashionable celebrities have borrowed trends from decades they’re probably way too young to remember.  Some, like Christina Aguilera, are total retro queens who always look as if they’ve stepped off the set of a Joan Crawford film.  Here are the ten most time warped celebrities.

10. Evan Rachel Wood

Evan at Hollywood Life Magazine's 6th Annual Breakthrough Awards. Getty Images.
Evan Rachel Wood’s place on the Time Warp is debatable.  Sure, she’s pulled off an impeccable retro look this past year, replete with 40’s fishnet stockings, dramatic red lips, and manicured, glamorous hairstyles.
Flynet Images

Evan looks fantastic, but her style transition from fresh-faced teen to retro pinup feels a bit forced.  She is, after all, dating style icon Dita Von Teese’s ex-husband Marilyn Manson (don't worry, we'll get to Dita).

Try as she may, Evan will always be pegged as a mere imitator.  And black hair dye isn't going to help, either.

GET EVAN'S LOOK: Steal Dita Von Teese's wardrobe. Kidding!  Designer Robert Rodriguez (not to be confused with the director) has many retro-inspired frocks with atypical necklines (look for him on Bluefly.com).  Steve Madden usually has at least one pair of affordable sky-high black leather shoes, which can add a little goth to your retro look. Check out our 1950's Hairstyles zine for hair tips and tricks. If you want to go the full monty, you can pick up some heart-shaped glasses.  Rachel wears them in the video she filmed with Marilyn Manson, coincidentally named "Heart-Shaped Glasses."  You can buy a pair for $9 at fredflare.  But wait--don't you want to see the rest of our list?


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