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Evan Rachel Wood Will Make You a Better Man

(Getty)On the surface, Evan Rachel Wood's filmography is full of variety — there are comedies, thrillers, heavy dramas, rom-coms, even musicals. But despite the range in genre, there's a definite through-line when it comes to the majority of her characters. Take a look at the trailer for her latest movie Barefoot, and see if you can guess what it is.

She's a socially awkward free-spirit whose beauty and unique world view convinces an aimless playboy to start "rethinking [his] future." And we've seen her do this before, not always in the Nell meets manic-pixie-dream girl kind of way, but still.

In Charlie Countryman, Wood makes a traveling Shia LaBeouf risk life and limb to be with her after just one night together, and with a Russian accent no less.

In A Case of You, Justin Long falls for hipster Evan Rachel Wood's spell and changes his whole life around to impress her, only to find being true to yourself is the real aphrodisiac. Even the tagline ("He was looking for inspiration... until he found her.") is in on it.

She fixes old guys too, like Larry David, who goes from misanthropic crank to socially tolerable in Whatever Works once Wood's naive ingenue blows into his life.

And it's not just in a romantic context. She also makes dads better men. Whether they're slightly nuts:

Or simply down-and-out and seeking to repair an estranged relationship:

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