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You Can Buy Farrah Abraham a Crochet Swimsuit If You Want To

Farrah Abraham wishlist
(From Getty Images | Amazon.com)It's become standard practice for adult actresses to open up their Amazon wish lists to the public so their fans can pitch in to buy them stripper heels and sexy outfits. But it feels a little weird to check out Farrah Abraham's long list of wants, which, unfortunately, juxtaposes an adorable toddler dress and a Tinkerbell doll next to a sequin bikini, some booty shorts, and a "Coral Crochet Deep Plunge Monokini."

If you happen to be a Farrah Abraham apologist fan, you can help a girl out by purchasing these items and many many more for the former Teen Mom star on Amazon. Here's a screenshot of some of the things she'd like you to buy for her.

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