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LISTEN: Farrah Abraham Has No Clue Who Trayvon Martin Is

(Getty)We're not sure where Farrah Abraham has been these last few weeks. Perhaps getting her deal with Playboy rejected, or perhaps showing off her post-baby bod at pool parties and other summertime events in promotion of her new porn vid. But, one thing is certain — she has definitely not been keeping up with her current events.

If she did, however, she'd know that one of the most controversial cases with its equally as controversial ruling has just gone down. Protests around the country have erupted, and people are plain pissed at the American justice system. As much as it pains me to write this, I'll just get it over with quickly: When Farrah Abraham chatted with radio host Matty P, she had no idea who Trayvon Martin was when asked about the case and, in fact, made the very heinous mistake of thinking he was a girl. Enough said.
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