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Felicity Jones to Star in 'Star Wars' Stand-Alone Movie

The Oscar-nominated actress will star in the 2016 spin-off film.

Felicity Jones to Star in 'Star Wars' Stand-Alone Movie
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Felicity Jones will be traveling to a galaxy far far away to star in the second of the many planned Star Wars movies on the way. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she's been picked to lead Gareth Edwards' spin-off movie. It's planned to open in 2016, and it's widely speculated Jones will be playing a character named Sabine Wren from the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

This will be the first Star Wars movie to take place outside of the official "Episodes," though it will still exist in those movies' continuity. It's being helmed by Godzilla director Gareth Edwards while Chronicle and Fantastic Four director Josh Trank has been picked to direct the second non-Episode spin-off. According to rumors, Edwards' movie will feature a young Boba Fett as well as a young Han Solo, and none other than Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul may be up for the Solo role.

Rooney Mara and Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany were said to be up for the role, but maybe Jones' recent Oscar nomination for The Theory of Everything tipped the scales in her favor.

We still don't know what this new Star Wars movie will look like, but let's just whet our appetites once again with the teaser for Episode VII.

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