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Four-times champ Prost: 'I know how Alonso feels'

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Le Castellet, France - Four-times World champion Alain Prost, "absolutely surprised and impressed" by Lewis Hamilton's performance, has sympathy with the Englishman's Spanish team mate Fernando Alonso.

Alonso has been swept aside in the public image by the youngster's consecutive wins and ascent to the top of the title log, 10 points clear.

Frenchman Prost endured stormy rivalry with Brazilian Ayrton Senna when they were together at McLaren in the late 1980's; he found the human drama of the modern equivalent irresistible.

"It is so different from past years," he said

"It's been about the racing or the technology but now it is about the human factor. I know how Alonso must be feeling."

Prost was speaking at a reception hosted by watchmaker TAG Heuer to launch a limited edition book of artistic photographs to raise money for the Save the Children Fund.

"Usually in this situation they are drivers of different generations but these two are separated by only two or three years. And both are new in the team," he said. "That makes it more difficult for Alonso.

"He wanted to go to McLaren because it was like a dream for him but now he's there he's finding he is not the only one in the family. It must be very difficult for him to motivate himself in this situation.

"It was like that for me with Niki (Lauda) and then it was like it for Ayrton, with me

Now it is the same, but this time Alonso came new to the team and expected to feel like No.1. Even if it is not true that the team favours Lewis, and I am sure it does not, that does not stop Alonso having that feeling.

"You think you are the only son and then you find out that there is another one and then you think that maybe they like him more than you.

"Hamilton is amazing but things can happen. Most of all I think it is good for the sport, good for the team and good for everybody. Even Alonso. He will learn from this and be harder and faster in the future." - Reuters
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