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Georgia Coaches Use Bible to Ban Girls From Football Field

I may not be religious, but I am a sports fan, and last time I checked there were no verses in the Bible that pertained to football. Still, a small town Georgia football team quoted biblical verses when they refused to play an opposing team with a girl on the roster.

The girl was 14-year-old Kacy Stuart, and from the video below you can see that she has some serious skills. Stuart had to fight for a place on her team, composed of home-schooled children and students at small Christian academies. She was originally barred from playing at all because she was a girl, but was later given a place on the roster after her family threatened a lawsuit.

Still, other teams in the league have refused to play Stuart's team because of her presence on the field. This past weekend the East Atlanta Mustangs refused to play, citing their thoughts about female football players and using biblical versus from the book of Romans to back up their beliefs.

Their next opponent, the Bartow Generals have also pulled out, for unspecified reasons. You can guess the unspecified reasons have to do with a girl being on the field.

As a female athlete myself, who grew up playing baseball (not it's female counterpart, softball) I understand how hard it is to make your place in a sport usually reserved for men. Still, I'd like to think society has gotten to a place where it's OK for young girls to participate in team sports.

The fact that children, or the coaches who are supposed to be setting an example, think it's alright to interpret the Bible in a way that promotes sexism is unsettling.
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