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What the Internet Gave Us This Week

This little girl who wore a hot dog costume on Princess Day is a hero.

What the Internet Gave Us This Week

Viral videos, trending stories, social media snaps, and other links from the Internet to help get you through the weekend. 

Let us all bow down to the girl who wore a hot dog costume to her dance class' Princess Day. 
This is what a true American hero looks like. Never change, girl. 

You cannot unsee this So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation contestant vomiting all over Paula Abdul. 
The week's most-watched video is also the most cringeworthy. The moment happened after 12-year-old Chi Tahani wrapped up her incredible dance routine and went over to give Abdul a hug. Stage nerves, amirite?

Here's what happens when Maisy Williams disapproves of your sexist headline. 
The Game of Thrones star attended a charity masquerade ball to help raise funds for the NSPCC, the UK's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. She wasn't pleased by what the media chose to report on: 

Beyonce sneezed at her New York concert. The world gasped as they realized she's actually human. 
As they say, Bey sneezes on the beat and the beat gets sicker....

Iman shared the cutest David Bowie photo in honor of what would have been their 24th anniversary. 
RIP Starman. 

June 6th...., 24th wedding anniversary #foreverlove

A photo posted by IMAN (@the_real_iman) on

Christina Aguilera channeled Jessica Rabbit and dyed her hair red. 
The singer debuted her fiery red locks at a Hilary Clinton fundraiser at the Greek in Los Angeles on Monday night. We're feeling it. 


A photo posted by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on

Can someone please tell us what the hell these infamous horror movie characters are doing at this baseball game in Japan? 
The ghouls from The Grudge and The Ring were out in full force to help throw the first pitch. 

What the Internet Gave Us This Week

Happy weekend, ya'll! 

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