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Hugh Jackman Finally Responded to That Diss in 'Deadpool'

The Australian actor celebrated Reynolds' Hollywood Walk of Fame star by posting a hilarious roast video to Instagram.

Hugh Jackman Finally Responded to That Diss in 'Deadpool'
Instagram | 20th Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday and celebrated with his wife and extremely adorable kids — who made their first public appearance, BTW. While the actor and his famous family were celebrating the big honor in Hollywood, Hugh Jackman celebrated his pal on social media, and finally responded to that infamous diss in Deadpool

The Australian actor took to Instagram to poke fun at his X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star by wearing a Ryan Reynolds face mask and mocking the actor in a hilarious roast video. Their low-key feud started back in November 2015 when Reynolds pretended to be Jackman while wearing Deadpool makeup. The Jackman jokes continued in the film. 

“Ryan Reynolds here. Method actor. I’m working on my Australian accent. I’m doing a Crocodile Dundee 7. You’re gonna love it,” Jackman joked “You may remember me from such things as People Magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive or the 12th best DC Comics movie Green Lantern. Who would have thought just three years after getting a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, I would be getting a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?”

Check out the video below. 

Reynolds is, of course, set to reprise his role as the irreverent anti-hero in Deadpool 2. Jackman is reportedly going to play Wolverine for the last time in 2017's Logan. 

Would these two actors just cut the crap and make a Deadpool/Wolverine movie already? 

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