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'Stranger Things' Fans Crash a Museum Website in the Name of Fashion

Give me Dustin's hoodie or give me death.

'Stranger Things' Fans Crash a Museum Website in the Name of Fashion

When you think of "Dustin Henderson" do the words "fashion icon" come to mind? Unlikely... But it turns out the fictional middle-schooler is quite the trend-setter.

In the first episode of Stranger Things Season 2Dustin wears a purple, brontosaurus-emblazoned hoodie from The Science Museum of Minnesota.  Dustin's clothing choice did not go unnoticed by the St-Paul-based museum who decided to recreate the hoodie and sell it online:

On Tuesday, the museum released the Stranger Things-inspired clothing collection on their website, only to have the entire museum website crash from web traffic overload.

Stranger Things costume designer, Kim Wilcox, explained to Newsweek her decision to use the museum sweatshirt in the new season: "I really loved the Brontosaurus for Dustin, so we bought the original. Then we made our own purple hoodie with this great dinosaur art in Gaten's size." Wilcox found the vintage sweatshirt while scouring the web for '80s inspiration. 

Not to worry, the website is back up and running. So far, more than 80,000 hoodies have been sold. You can get the sweatshirt here for a smooth $36.95.