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This Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver Face Swap Has Divided Twitter

Do you see a similarity?

This Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver Face Swap Has Divided Twitter

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee whiz, Adam Driver looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?" The obvious answer to that is, Girls.

"I've never seen Girls," you retort.

Then that only leaves one other possibility... You have managed to confuse Adam Driver (a.k.a Kylo Ren from Star Wars), with the anti-aging icon, Keanu Reeves (a.k.a Neo from The Matrix).

Here's the proof:

Mark Millar — the legendary comic book writer — confirmed the actors' uncanny resemblance yesterday, when he shared the above photo. To the right of the image is Keanu Reeves' face photoshopped onto Adam Driver's body, and to the left is an presumably untouched image of Adam Driver. 

Some people were quick to accept that the two men look suspiciously alike. 

Millar's tweet, however, also seemed to trigger the Keanu Reeves fanbase, which came out of the cyber woodworks to defend their man. But, really, is being compared to Adam Driver that bad? Apparently so.

Have y'all ever noticed a striking similarity between the two actors? Better yet, have you ever seen the Driver and Reeves in the same room? Sneaky, sneaky...

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