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Pixar’s Adorable Short 'Piper' Will Help You Overcome Your Election Fears

You can finally watch the entire thing online.

Allow Pixar’s Adorable ‘Piper’ Short Help You to Overcome Your Election Fears

If you're one of the few people (like myself) who never saw Finding Dory in theaters, you probably missed Pixar's latest animated short, Piper. The short tells the story of a baby sandpiper who has a great big fear of the ocean. The bird's fear of the ocean makes life hard and stressful, especially when it comes to finding food. 

Now that Finding Dory is out on video, Piper has hit the internet in all waterfowl-ed glory. Check it out below. The cuteness overload of this clip should definitely help you cope with your Election Stress Disorder, or whatever anxiety you're currently feeling thanks to #Election2016. 

Hang in there, America. We're almost there. 

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