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Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Just Reunited With The 'Breaking Bad' RV For The Best Possible Reason

Don't worry, they miss the show just as much as you do.

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Just Reunited With The 'Breaking Bad' RV For the Best Possible Reason

It's been five years since Breaking Bad ended its meth-riddled run, and though fans have missed the series dearly, it seems the show's stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, have missed it even more.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad's series premiere, Omaze has organized a fundraiser which will give one lucky winner the chance to cook (breakfast, not meth) with Cranston and Paul inside the iconic Breaking Bad RV. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Kind Campaign, an anti-bullying non-profit started by Aaron Paul's wife Lauren Parsekian.

To announce the fundraiser, Cranston and Paul reunited for a hilarious video. Turns out, Cranston has been unhygienically squatting in the iconic RV, while Paul, gives lot tours just to be near the old meth lab on wheels. 

We guess the men just can't let go of those Breaking Bad glory days... It's okay, guys, we miss y'all too. 

Enter the chance to cook with Walter and Jesse, here. And, on the off chance you win, tell them we say "hi!"

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