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People Are Getting Heated Over This Disney March Madness Bracket That's Making The Rounds On Twitter

'Hercules' vs. 'Aladdin' is the Disney version of 'Sophie's Choice.'

As per usual, there is a battle royale currently transpiring over on Twitter. This time, however, the uproar has no political inclination whatsoever. Instead, the online brawl was sparked by a March Madness-style bracket that seeded 28 of the "best" Disney and Pixar films. And, much like its NCAA counterpart, things quickly got heated — turns out, people are pretty darn opinionated when it comes to their beloved animated movies. 

The bracket was first uploaded by Twitter user @yeeitsanthonyy, who unknowingly created one hell of an online firestorm when he seeded 16 classic Disney movies against 16 beloved Pixar films.

The tweet, which now has been retweeted over 44,000 times, was immediately lambasted for not including canonical Disney works like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Alice in Wonderland, and The Emperor’s New Groove

Many users took it upon themselves to fill out the bracket. Both Toy Story and The Lion King proved to be frequent champions.

And then, there were those who were more than happy to sit back and critique the bracket choices of their Twitter brethren. (Though, to be fair, anyone who picks Cars 2 over Coco does need to reevaluate their cinematic priorities).

We scrolled through Twitter looking for a single correctly-filled out bracket, but lo and behold there was none. So, below you will find Zimbio's (rightful) bracket for the great Disney/Pixar showdown of 2018.

People Are Getting Pretty Heated About This Disney March Madness Bracket Making The Rounds On Twitter

Play nice and be safe out there, kids. And remember, Cars 2 absolutely does not belong in the Sweet 16.