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Emma Watson's Ringtone Is a Tina Turner Jam

It went off during an interview, and she earned nothing but respect from all involved.

Emma Watson's Ringtone Is a Tina Turner Jam

Emma Watson is the kind of person who thinks about little details — details like finding a dress with tasteful white piping, or switching her cell phone's ringtone to something cool like Tina Turner's 1989 hit single "Steamy Windows." And we know this because in her latest interview her cell phone went off, and Tina's sultry bluesy voice came blasting out of her phone as she blushed and scrambled to mute the phone.

We predict an uptick in sales for "Steamy Windows" over the next week, but we are left wondering who, exactly, warrants such a suggestive ringtone? MAYBE that's just the default tone for anyone who calls, or maybe it's for someone special? We can't say for sure, but watch the moment for yourself and listen to the song in its full glory below.

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