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'The Bachelor's Nick Viall And Dean Unglert Troll The Hell Out Of That Cringeworthy Season Finale With Parody Video

Alright, gentlemen, that was actually pretty funny.

No doubt, there would be a collective sigh of relief across Bachelor Nation if we never heard the names "Arie" and "Lauren" again. Seriously, let that couple ride off into their cardigan-themed sunset so we can be done with them forever.

Dean Unglert and Nick Viall's impersonations of Arie Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham, however, are welcome to stay.

As you'll recall, Nick Viall was Season 21's Bachelor, along with being a contestant on two different seasons of The Bachelorette. Let's just say, in the hours I've spent watching Viall onscreen over the past few years, a minute-long video on Instagram was the first thing I've seen to make me like him. Dean Unglert was similarly a Bachelorette contestant, along with his appearances on Bachelor in Paradise.

With Unglert donning a grey wig as Arie, and Viall taking on the role of both Becca and Lauren, the men managed to troll the hell out of that now-infamous break up. Unglert's Arie seemingly knows no other words than "I love Lauren," and the occasional snack interjection. Viall rocks a blonde and brunette wig like it's his full-time job. And both men hit the ridiculous tone only befitting of "The Bachelor's most dramatic finale ever." 

Watch below, and make sure to click right to see the spoof in its entirety!

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