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Twitter's Reaction to #HiddleSwift Has Been Rapid and Hilarious

Taylor's one loki girl, according to Twitter.

Twitter's Reaction to #HiddleSwift Has Been Rapid and Hilarious

Following Wednesday's unexpected revelation that singer Taylor Swift and Thor actor Tom Hiddleston are dating, Twitter has exploded with the most beautiful concoction of sassy cats, Norse mythology, and angsty breakup ballads.

Swift, 26, and Hiddleston 35, were photographed canoodling on the beaches of Rhode Island kissing, taking selfies, and sheltering one another from the frigid Atlantic.

People are shocked. People are enthused. People are feeling the HiddleSwift.

It's choice material for some quality tweetage, and we are so very here for it. Please enjoy some of the best reactions to #HiddleSwift, as provided the good people of the Twittersphere:

*moment, still stands: