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Here's What the Kid From 'Problem Child' Looks Like Now

It's been 25 years since Junior wreaked all sorts of havoc.

Here's What the Kid From 'Problem Child' Looks Like Now

[Editor's Note: A previous version of this article contained images of Michael Oliver that were removed at his request.]

If you are a child of the '90s, you probably grew up loving Problem Child. The 1990 comedy about a devious little boy named Junior who sets fires, frightens animals, and generally causes all sorts of trouble starred John Ritter as a kind father and Michael Oliver as the titular problem child.

Problem Child hit theaters 25 years ago and was promptly followed by Problem Child 2 in 1991. Michael Oliver was an adorably mischievous eight year old when he first hit the big screen, but what's the little devil been up to since then?

Well, he quit acting in 1995 and has been living a normal life out of the spotlight ever since. During a 2012 Problem Child cast reunion to benefit the John Ritter Foundation, Oliver, now 33, said, "After having been thrust into the spotlight as a child, I appreciate some peace and quiet. I am grateful and always will be for the experiences. I'm actually quite happy with my life the way it is today. I have a decent job. I work hard. I have a beautiful girlfriend. We have three cats and a hamster. It's a nice, quiet existence. I like it." 

Aw, how grounded and normal is that?

And if you're really looking for a deep dive on Oliver's life, this week he phoned in to Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast show to reminisce with his co-star. He seems intelligent and kind-hearted, particularly when talking about his memories of the late John Ritter.

With so much negative press about former child stars, it's nice to see someone who appreciates their star-studded childhood for what it was, and values their current normal life just as much. Good for you, Michael Oliver. You are a problem child no more!

Here's What the Kid From 'Problem Child' Looks Like Now

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