For The Win

After nearly 25 years, the Rockford Peaches are still all-for-one.
The lovebirds performed 'Go Ahead and Break My Heart' for the first time, and couldn't take their eyes off each other.
Simon Cowell was definitely feeling this troupe's lively 'Britain's Got Talent' performance.
The game gave us a rare peak into the daily lives of two mostly private couples.
Britney Spears penned the cutest letter to her sons for Mother's Day.
George Clooney and Julia Roberts made a cameo and they ain't no hollaback girls.
May the 4th be with you and your four-legged friends.
Hold on to your butts. Things are about to get weird.
It looks like Beyonce's other half is trying to get back in the Beyhive's good graces.
Disney fans better book their Disney World Florida tickets ASAP.
Leonardo DiCaprio took a selfie, seems really, really satisfied with himself.
The actress bought her hubby a horse for his 36th birthday.