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Frances McDormand Begrudgingly Wins 'Lead Actress' at the Emmys, Twitter Erupts with Sarcasm

And the commentary is hilarious.

Twitter Is Pretty Sure Frances McDormand Is Mad She Just Won 'Lead Actress' at the Emmys

Olive Kitteridge star Frances McDormand just won the immense honor of Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie at the Emmys, but that's not what's on everyone's mind. What is a hot topic is how...hotly...she seemed to accept the award.

Case in point:

The win was no small feat. McDormand beat out mega-stars from the most popular programs out there, including American Horror Story's Jessica Lange, The Honorable Woman's Maggie GyllenhaalAmerican Crime's Felicity HuffmanBessie's Queen Latifah, and Sweeney Todd's Emma Thompson.

The star now nearly possesses the "EGOT:" the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony combo that seems the pinnacle of Hollywood talent and legend.

But as opposed to the incredible happiness one would assume to observe, viewers are catching on to the fact that McDormand ain't got no time for that.

While accepting the gold, the 58-year-old actress simply stated,

My colleagues Jane and Lisa have already given the thank-yous that need to be said. We’re all here because of the power of the stories that need to be told. Sometimes, that’s enough. Thank you.

And while many were quite amused, not everyone was impressed.

Behold, the outrage:

Indeed, not all response to McDormand has been so positive, but there was one shining insight that may just take the cake:

So, next time you're in a frustrating jam, just think: WWFMD?

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