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Miley Cyrus Plays a Sexy Naked Alien in Future's 'Real and True' Video

The long-awaited video for Future's "Real and True" featuring Miley Cyrus and Mr. Hudson has finally made its way to the Internet, and — surprise! — Miley is basically naked the whole time. Well, almost the whole time.

The Rankin-directed clip features a pretty straightforward plot. We'll run through it for you.

Future is a lonely dude in space.

His only friend is Mr. Hudson, who sings mournfully inside his space suit (which helpfully features his name emblazoned on the back). 

One day, the two of them stumble across a female creature on some unfamiliar territory. The creature, also clothed in a space suit, apparently wears false eyelashes.

When they remove her suit, they discover she is silver! And naked.

Also, she is covered in glitter, because aliens are down with arts and crafts.

And she maybe wants to kiss Future (who wears sunglasses in space because he's cool like that) but never does. She just sings about love.

Did we mention she is naked?

Seriously naked.

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