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Trailer Watch: 'In Our Nature' — John Slattery's a Bad Dad with Lolita Tastes

(Photo: Cinedigm)

What starts as the groundwork for a romantic comedy — a young couple (Zach Gilford and Jenna Malone) off for a rustic, sex-filled getaway in the family cabin — quickly turns to family drama when Dad (John Slattery) and his much younger girlfriend (Gabrielle Union) show up with the same idea. See, the father/son tandem don't really get along (Dad wasn't around all that much, and Son's now a vegetarian, so there's that).

In Our Nature culls familiar territory — a character study centered around awkward and dysfunctinoal family dynamics — and based on the trailer, it could go one of two ways. There are moments of genuine cathartic honesty like when Union and Malone trade guy stories on the porch or when Slattery candidly tells Gilford the downside of having a child or a father is that you don't get to choose either. But then there's the scene in which Slattery gets kind of pervy with Malone, asking if her tattoo is permanent, to which she responds, "Is anything permanent?" A little too on-the-nose, trailer, come on. Given the cast though, you gotta give it In our Nature the benefit of the doubt.
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