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The Royal Wedding Was Great, But Where Were The Spice Girls?

Viewers can't help but be disappointed the iconic British girl group didn't perform.

The Royal Wedding Was Great, But Where Were The Spice Girls?
Victoria Beckham/Instagram

When it comes to an event as huge as a royal wedding, there's sure to be rumors — some accurate, some semi-correct, and others just plain false. For example: Is Oprah attending the royal wedding? Definitely proven true. Was the Duchess's gown made by Givenchy? Absolutely. Was the whole event a feminist's dream? You betcha' — the modern couple made sure the event reflected their values. I'm sad to report, however, the rumor that the Spice Girls would perform at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding couldn't have been more untrue. In other words, there is no spice in my life. *feverishly purchases Spice World on Apple TV*

Only one of the the Spice Girls (A.K.A. Mel B., Melanie C., Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton) actually showed up to the event. Beckham (Sexy Spice) and her husband, David Beckham, showed up right on time.


So, despite Mel B.'s February 2018 announcement that she was "going" to the event (she didn't), it was altogether pretty spiceless. Side note: What gives, girl?

True to form, Twitter had complaints.

It was later revealed the Spice Girls were never actually invited to the royal wedding at all.

"I should clear up the invitation part of it - we weren't invited!" Mel C revealed during an appearance on Australian radio show, Fitzy & Wippa. "No. We were never invited. We were never asked to perform. And I was a little bit annoyed, actually!"


You and me both, Melly.

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