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Giuliana Rancic -- Gets into Twitfight with Billy Bush

Giuliana Rancic and Billy Bush got into it over Twitter.
In the continuing fallout from Carrie Prejean's comments about gay marriage -- or as she puts it, "opposite marriage" -- is that celeb journalists who normally stay far, far away from expressing their opinions are suddenly doing exactly that.

Check out the Twitter catfight between E!'s Giuliana Rancic and Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, with both hilariously claiming the high ground.

From TMZ:
Rancic: i know i'm a journalist, and i should be objective...but she is an ignorant discrace [sic] and she makes me sick to my stomach.

Bush: Giuliana...if you were a jouranlist [sic], you would have edited yourself at the last minute, but you are on E! and that's good too.

Bush: interesting. Tensions mount with passion. hard 4 people (not just G.R.) to remain level. but Obama has same stance as Miss USA. need him

Rancic: You're knocking E!??? Are you suddenly a hard-hitting anchorman? Speaking of editing, you spelled 'journalist' wrong.

Bush: the pressure of 140 got to me. but we have same news guidelines as Nightly News and Today Show. so no, but yes.

Then, 30 minutes later, Bush raised the white flag and surrendered.

Bush: All right, all right. I like Guiliana too and her husband Bill (a former judge). We're off point. My fault. GR...Sorry. May have news soon
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