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‘Hawaii Five-0’ Boss Speaks Out About Controversial Exits as Uproar Intensifies

More behind-the-scenes drama is being brought to the forefront after Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park’s casting shake-up.

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Boss Speaks Out About Controversial Exits as Uproar Intensifies

Tensions are at an all time high after Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park announced their heartbreaking departure from Hawaii Five-0. In fact, showrunner Peter Lenkov spoke out about the contentious exits as uproar from fans continues to intensify.

Lenkov took to Twitter to directly address the H50 community and explained that both actors were offered “unprecedented raises” but ultimately chose to move on.

“The truth is this: Both actors chose not to extend their contracts. CBS was extremely generous and proactive in their renegotiation talks. So much so, the actors were getting unprecedented raises, but in the end they chose to move on. No one wanted to see them go — they are irreplaceable,” wrote Lenkov.

An effort was also made to keep Park around for a handful of episodes during the forthcoming season, but those negotiations fell through “for several reasons.”

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Boss Speaks Out About Controversial Exits as Uproar Intensifies

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kim was given a raise that came within 2 percent of what Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan earn. Clearly, the offer to Kim was lower than his two male co-stars, and it also didn’t include O’Loughlin and Caan’s lucrative back-end deal. Meanwhile, Park was offered a pay increase as well, although her negotiations were complicated by a personal desire to reduce her episode commitment.

As previously reported, Kim took to social media to express his disappointment about leaving the show. In fact, the actor even brought up the topic of pay equality after explaining that he was unable to negotiate a new contract with CBS.

Although Park and Kim won’t return, viewers will get a chance to find out what happened to their characters. Last season, Kono (Park) left the team to investigate a child sex-trafficking ring, while Chin (Kim) received the opportunity to start up a task force in San Francisco. Hawaii Five-0 is currently casting a new female series regular.

You can read Lenkov’s full statement about Park and Kim’s departure below.

Hawaii Five-0 will return to CBS on Friday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m.

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